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The Accidental Partnership®

Finding yourself in a business family is not by choice – it's by birth. Business issues become relationship issues as well. How you relate to your accidental partners will impact upon the company's successes and failures and will chart the direction of the firm to the next generation takeover. These relationships will influence how you wish to preserve your legacy, how you develop a shared future, and how you foster a pride of ownership.

Why do some businesses fail and some not reach their true potential? It is very common for business/family relationships to become misaligned; family members often have different personalities, goals and aspirations. It's only natural to have differing opinions on everyday business issues, let alone the long term plans of the company. When these differences are not voiced or managed, they become festering, serious problems. Divisive families will almost certainly squander the dream of the enduring family business.

By acquiring better strategies to interact with your accidental partners, a stronger and healthier family and business will certainly be a result.

The outcome of what I do is like a kaleidoscope – I don't add pieces, I re-arrange them so that they fall into new positions.

Family business consulting can be compared to playing Cats Cradle, if you choose the wrong pieces of string, you will likely end up either muddled or with strings in parallel with little hope of realignment.

Cartoon: Daddy, does this mean we're poor now?

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"As partners we are more focused on what truly counts in making a business work. Vision, planning, execution and then starting all over again. Aron has given us the tools that are needed to make us unified as partners... In the process that Aron structured, we as partners discovered that the business was not about us but about the sum of the whole.... The time and attention that the partnership has given to the family issues, with Aron's guidance, will make the process achievable."

–Second generation sibling partner