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Addressing Issues of Succession, Governance, Organization and Planning

Pervin Family Business Advisors works with family-owned businesses to address issues of succession, governance, organization and planning.

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We are experts in addressing the specific issues which adhere to businesses run by families. We understand the ways in which they are different from non-family businesses. We help family businesses survive and thrive through multiple generations.

In our consulting practice, we help business family members – accidental partners – help themselves. This requires the application of craft [experience], art [insight], luck [intuition] and science [analysis] supported by an eclectic academic body of knowledge.

We start with results, not reports. Our help starts as soon as you call us. You know your problems – you've probably been struggling with them for years, and have probably attempted many methods to resolve them, none with results to your satisfaction. We'll help you look at the situation differently, and get you "unstuck". Then we can talk about your ultimate intentions, and construct a process to match your needs, priorities and goals.

Our approach integrates the family, business, and ownership systems and is customized to your unique needs. During the course of our work, we build on your skills and resources, and transfer our knowledge to you to build lasting change.

In addition to consulting services, we work with businesses and more generalized audiences through workshops, private seminars, retreats, and speeches.

Pervin Family Business Advisors helps family businesses to:

Cartoon: Say, Dad -- how about letting me have the keys to the subsidiary.

We understand the unique challenges and tensions that confront business families. By listening, acknowledging and validating, we provides results – not programs – and ways to reduce the tension.

Your own business no doubt relies on the expertise of outside professionals such as lawyers and accountants. We often work alongside these professionals to help you establish goals and develop plans to satisfy individual, business, shareholder and family needs. More and more independent professionals are recognizing our unique niche in solving business family relationship issues; in fact much of our work is a result of referrals from lawyers and accountants who prefer to maintain their own fortés and not cross into the area of relationships/power/money where Aron Pervin specializes.

Pervin Family Business Advisors can help you explore solutions and define directions for your business immediately. After an initial exploratory meeting, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible and attainable, and there is a renewed feeling of hope that a solution may soon be reached. As an independent third party, Aron Pervin will assist in the organization of your business family structure, and initiate plans for the successful continuation of the family dynasty. The dream of a successful business transfer to following generations need not be mired in a state of interpersonal impasses. They are but temporary obstacles to a brighter business family future.

"In 1999, the year following my parents' passing, my four siblings and I were struggling with how to structure the charitable foundation that my parents had left us. It was suggested to us by our lawyer that Aron Pervin could help us work through the many issues that we faced as a family. We engaged Aron to do this work.

Aron first talked to each of us individually and then set up two family meetings that he facilitated. The meetings were very productive. They built a base of common understanding, vision and trust that has since served us well with the foundation.

Aron impressed us all with his intelligence, his respectful facility with people, his understanding of family dynamics and his steady determination to push things through to resolution. We are happy to recommend his services to other families."

–Second generation sibling family foundation

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"Aron has put together information that provides a complete plan for families and business that allows you to see all the pieces fit together while providing options. When addressing these areas from his information, one can proceed with the vision that eventually all pieces will form the big picture."

– Business founder