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Profile of Aron Pervin

Profile of Aron Pervin

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With his forty year background in business, behaviour, family relationships and performance management, Aron Pervin is recognized as a Canadian leader in the field of family-owned business management and governance.

As a consultant, counsellor, author and educator, he helps business families succeed by developing, managing and preserving their relationships. This is done through planning, communication and activities that address the individual, business, family and shareholder issues.

Aron Pervin serves on family and industry association boards and is consulted regularly by the media for his views on family business issues.

Candid and personal in his approach, Aron Pervin cuts swiftly through the issues, while testing for readiness to change, and pinpoints the underlying problems in a succinct, sensitive and revealing style that ultimately leads to restorative communication and understanding within the business family. "There are solutions" is his favourite quote.

To complement his real life business knowledge and pragmatic acumen, Aron has an extensive and rich background in psychology, sociology and psychotherapy. He has developed, expanded on and pioneered the use of social psychology, brief therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy frameworks to those individuals caught in the complex emotional world of family business trauma and other painful consequences of working with the ones you love. This business intelligence amalgam is the basis for Pervin's results-oriented therapeutic consulting process.

The onset of the results-based consulting process gives the business family hope for a brighter, reorganized future.

Cartoon:  Then it's moved and seconded that the compulsory retirement age be advanced to ninety-five.

Family Firm Institute Fellow Family Firm Institute Fellow STEP Trust Estate Planner Director, Institute of Corporate Directors Certified Management Consultant



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"Aron Pervin helped our family face the tough issues. He gave us useful tools to properly communicate with each other and helped us understand the complex issues which family businesses face."

–Third generation sibling partner