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Pervin Family Business Advisors
Pervin Family Business Advisors

Aron R. Pervin, CMC, FFI Fellow, ICD.D, TEP

Welcome to Pervin Family Business Advisors Inc.

Note that the word "family" comes before "business" in the term "family business"

It's a trite observation with enormous significance. Family dynamics that complicate our personal lives are even more intense when family members come together in a business environment and form an Accidental Partnership®.

It's the unusual combination of people and their relationships, power and money that make up the world of family business. It's the business of Pervin Family Business Advisors – the Canadian leader in the resolution of complex family enterprise and ownership situations and business family relationships – for business families who want results, not recommendations.

Welcome to our site. We hope the articles and information here can be helpful to you and how you manage your family business situation.

Mark Twain once said, "You will never truly understand your relatives until you have to share an inheritance."

Cartoon: Son, you're old enough now to start taking responsibility for your own actions as well as mine

"Aron has been involved with our family for over two years and has provided decency, grace and knowledge to an otherwise overwhelmed family. Aron was able to quickly build a framework in which each of us as family members could participate. With contribution from all of us, the process, although emotionally difficult at times, was bound by humour and mutual respect. In the end, most of us ended up with what was financially manageable and which was emotionally healthier. We cannot imagine that anyone else could have worked with our family any better both personally and professionally."

–Third generation owner